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For Churchill's sake!

As we all know, Winston Churchill was known not only for his political acumen but also for his close interest in cigars. The pose that Churchill did not smoke from the vitola, which he also gave his name, is almost nonexistent. Of course, I do not know the positive impact of the cigar on its intelligence, but the effect it has on friendship and conversation with other political leaders, and those who know the key roles that the cigar plays in the plot of Cuban and American leaders can more or less guess.

In recognition of Churchill's closeness to the cigar culture, Davidoff launched his new series - the Winston Churchill Series, in New York on December 9. The series with Churchill's silhouette on the band is actually the revitalization of the Winston Churchill cigar, which Davidoff launched in 2007. The series, which is expected to take its place on the shelves in February, has Churchill 6.88inch (17.47cm) / 47 ring diameter, Toro 6 inch (15.24cm) / 54, Robusto 5.25inch (13.33cm) / 52 and Petit Corona 4.5inch (11.43cm) / We will be able to have 41 vitolas. As summer approaches, Petit Panetela 4 inch (10.16cm) / 38 and Belicoso 4.5inch (11.43cm) / 46 vitolas will also be added to the series.

The structure of the Winston Churchill series of cigar, which will be close to the Nicaragua series, consists of five filler leaves, three of which are from the Dominican Republic, two of which are from Nicaragua, a Mexican binder and an Ecuadorian winding leaf. Even hearing this combination whets one's appetite.

I am sure you have already begun to look forward to February. Enjoyable smoking for everyone.

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