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Cano Özgener passed away

Unfortunately, over the past year, the cigar world has gone through a lot of loss. The old lands of the market have left us one by one. Finally, unfortunately, Cano Aret Özgener, born in 1938 in Istanbul, passed away recently.

The story of cigars actually begins when he founded the CAO brand in Nashville in 1968 to sell pipes, and later used it for the cigars he produced. Cano Aret Özgener, who is also a tight pipe collector, creates the CAO brand by selling meerschaum pipes he brought from Eskişehir to the American market after graduating from Columbia University. He enters the cigar adventure after developing and acquiring a circle in the pipe trade.

By transforming it into a family brand and taking its daughter and son into the management, CAO gains a rightful place in the market with many innovations. In 2007, it sells the brand to Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which did not have much of the American market in those years. For a while after the sale, although his son Tim continues in the management, he leaves afterwards.

Cano Özgener, after withdrawing from the cigar market, devotes himself to art and establishes OZ Arts. After leaving the CAO management, his son is again in the management of OZ Arts.

We wish God's mercy to Cano Özgener and patience to his family.

Cano Aret Özgener, kızı Aylin ve oğlu Tim
OZ Arts
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