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If your cigar decides to undress ...

Although we burn our cigar for pleasure, the cigar you smoke can disturb even those who know the best about it. This discomfort sometimes appears as nausea, sometimes dizziness or mild sweating. As a result, the cigar we burn for pleasure suddenly becomes our suffering.

So why does this occur? Are we doing something wrong? Before we come to what we do or do not do, although there is a small possibility of this discomfort, it may be due to some reasons that we do not have. Chemical preservatives or some harmful residues on the leaves of the cigar you smoke can trigger the aforementioned ailments. You can avoid this by using a slightly higher quality and slightly higher class cigars instead of cheap machine-wrapped cigars.

Now let's get to the main reasons. We most likely experience this trouble for one of the following three reasons:

1. If we smoke cigars with the hardness we are used to

2.If we smoke fast

3.If we breathe the smoke

Beginners often experience nausea, sweating, or dizziness as they do all of the above. Of course, it is possible to overcome these with time and experience. Then how are we going to prevent the ailments of experienced smokers?

First of all, we need to choose the hardness of the cigar you will drink. Since none of us start consuming nicotine when we are born (even eggplant is not given to children until a certain age), the large amount of nicotine that the body takes in suddenly can have unwanted effects. Even someone who has been using lighter hardness cigars for a long time may feel discomfort when he suddenly smokes a cigar with nicotine value much higher than he is used to. For this reason, smoking by increasing the hardness slightly at certain intervals will both increase the pleasure you get and prevent us from having trouble. Beginners can do their first try with Connecticut wraps and Dominican fillings, for example. Attacking Cohiba right away will not go beyond a waste of cigars and affection, unfortunately.

Then, as in the nature of smoking cigars, we need to smoke slowly, without hurrying, enjoying it. The general rule of thumb is that it is considered a one-minute smoke in most places. Smoking too fast can cause discomfort as it will increase the amount of nicotine taken.

Of course, we will not inhale the smoke, remembering the difference between smoking cigars and smoking. While breathing in cigar smoke can even be difficult, it can also cause more harm if it is continuous.

We paid attention to the above, but it happened, there was still nausea and dizziness. Whatever cigar is in your hand, immediately let go of the cigar and leave the smoky environment. Get out into fresh air with a little water and breathe deeply. If you're able to reach out, lying down also helps. Especially if the job has escaped altogether, take it out without getting bored and then go out into the fresh air. Some sources I came across mention that it would also be beneficial to take a piece of sugar, sugar water or sugary food because of the effect of nicotine on insulin secretion. I haven't tried this yet, but the fresh air definitely feels good. Another advice I would say is don't smoke while your belly is ringing. Eating something, even a little, will make you enjoy more.

Regardless, remember to smoke the cigar for fun, without any rush. Enjoy the moment you are and those around you and try not to put yourself in a difficult situation.

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