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When we say Brazil, I guess we might think of football first, then carnival, and then coffee. However, in Brazil, there are tobacco types that have been used quite frequently recently (Davidoff Escurio series is one of the last examples I can give) and more popular than before.

Bahia region tobacco is a type of tobacco that is considered to be strong, has a lot of spice and is quite bodied due to its aromatic structure. In the state of Bahia; There are leaves grown in Mata Fina, Mata Norte and Mata Sul regions. Each of them has a neutral, earthy and sweet texture and hence an aromatic texture different from a normal maduro. Mata Norte is a slightly darker and more aromatic leaf than Fina. Mata Fina leaves, which are mostly grown under direct sun (sun grown), were used as binding leaves in the past, but now they are also used as dressing leaves due to their high quality structure.

The tobacco specific to the Arapiraca region, on the other hand, is a less aromatic leaf, though darker like a maduro than Bahia. This wrapping leaf has a soft texture that can give a slightly sweet aroma, and with this structure, it has the ability to add flavor to a cigar without making it hard. This allows the leaf to be used in generally lightweight maduro cigar blends.

Brazilian dressing leaves are also famous for their strong burn and white ashes.

Below, I share a small list of different textures and flavors by region that I think will help you in choosing cigars.

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