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Bloom vs. Mold

You lined up your beautiful cigars in your humidor and each one waited their turn to delight you in the appropriate environment provided by your humidor. To age a few, if not all, in a healthy way and to reinforce their flavors. Perhaps, by allowing the aromas of existing and new arrivals to "marry", to bring you to different tastes while drinking.

But what is that? While you think that you are aging beautifully, a white-white, powdery layer forms on your cigars. OOPS!!! Don't you get moldy because of too much moisture to keep the cigars fresh !?

At this point, I want to share with you information that will both relax you and save your cigars. Your cigars are now aging exactly as you wish, and they prove this visually to you. How so? What is this white, powdery, powdery layer?

This dust layer, called "Bloom" in English, is nothing but oil and other natural substances that reside in tobacco leaves and are collected in the form of powder as crystallized on the surface of the leaves as they stand. As I mentioned above, this is a visual proof of how good the environment of your humidor is and how quality your cigars are aged.

Okay, when you open your humidor, how do you distinguish between what you see is bloom or mold? Unlike Bloom, mold is more of a bluish, greenish color than white, and often has the potential to splash on the walls of your humidor as well. When you try to wipe it, you can see the damage it gives to the wrapper sheet from the scar and stain it left. Bloom will disappear without a trace when you blow it or clean it gently with your finger. And one of the most important differences between the two is that when you notice the moldy cigar, what you need to do is to say goodbye by separating your cigar from your humidor as quickly as you can, while not touching your cigar with Bloom.

I hope this information has prevented the heart palpitations you will experience in the future to some extent. After all, cigars mean relaxation, not stress. Therefore, no matter how right or wrong you treat your cigars, they will prove this to you in the most visible way.

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