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Hat fell off, looked bald

Although the original proverb in the title was "skullcap, looked bald", I did not mind changing it slightly, since there was no loss in meaning and it fits the article.

Historically, the use of hats first appears on tombstones in The Egyptian city of Thebes. In his later years, we witness people at different social levels of society wearing different styles of hats. By the way, of course, the hats used by men and women also differ. It is known that in countries such as England, where almost everything can be a status symbol and adherence to traditions in dressing styles is important, the hat has an important place in some activities such as horse riding. In fact, the use of hats, which first became a tradition in England's Royal Ascot races, is then carried to other horse races such as the Kentucky Derby in America. Considering how enjoyable it would be to smoke while watching these races at the hippodrome.

When we look at Turkey's history, in 1925, instead of the hat to the Great Leader Atatürk's revolution more hats, turbans, caps and we see that widespread use of the fez. After the hat revolution, the fedora hat enters daily life more and comes today as an accessory used by our society, including myself. If you are interested in various fedora hats and if you want to try, you can go to Marcel Butik in Akkavak Street in Nişantaşı, Istanbul, where I also shop. I am sure Mr. Marcel will be of great help to you both with his knowledge and with his suggestions. Make sure that a hat that looks good on your head will have a great effect on your elegance.

Coinciding with what I wrote about elegance above, no matter how beautifully our cigar is wrapped, if its hat is broken, torn or damaged, wouldn't it lose its beauty as much? So what kind of hats are worn on our cigar? We see different hats in Parejo style cigars. To be more precise, there are 4 different types of hats in Parejos.

The first of these is the style called Flag, which means Flag. In this type of hatching, the torcedor has to adjust and cut the last part of the wrapping sheet in such a way that the head of the cigar is completely and perfectly closed when the winding process is completed. In fact, it is a very demanding style and requires experience.

Second, Flag and Cap closure style, which means Flag and Hat. In this kind of closure, after finishing the torcedor wrapping again in the form of Flag, he makes a hat to the closed head with a round leaf piece cut with casquillo from the wrapping leaf. The aim here is to be able to cover any flaws after closing as Flag and of course to make the head part a little stronger.

The third and final style is the Triple-Cap method, which, as you can imagine, has three stages and partly means this. Here, the torcedor cuts a separate drop-shaped piece from the wrapping sheet before gluing the Flag part at the end of the winding and adds it to the Flag part and performs the closing process in that way. Afterwards, he cuts a Hat from the same wrapping leaf as the third and last layer and glues it to the top. This method, known as the traditional Cuban style, mainly uses top class cigars and can be understood by the appearance when you look at the head of your cigar, as if the three rows of Hats are glued on top of each other. This type of closure minimizes damage to the wrapping sheet, especially in pre-smoking cuts, and prevents you from losing your cigar pleasure.

A different style that can be used in parejos but is rare but nowadays is more popular is the Pigtail method, which means Pig Tail. In this style, after the wrapping is finished, the wrapping is rolled and knotted without being cut. Since the hat is not used in this method, it is not necessary to cut it with cutter, and it is possible to open the head of your cigar with only your teeth.

You see, it's all a matter of style, after all. Depending on the character of each cigar, its wrapping and closing can also be changed. Personally, I don't think hat style has much of an effect on your cigar smoking pleasure, other than what I've mentioned directly above. But no matter what the hat is, it is important that it is clean and perfectly closed, for your visual pleasure in the first place.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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