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Cigar Greek Goddess Anastasia was Psomia

February 2020

He has a PhD in psychology and a master's in theology. Besides, it has a leading firm on corporate sustainability. At the same time, he also lectures on sustainability at the university. As if all this is not enough, he is a consultant in an organization that supports young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Among his many jobs, he also manages an organization he founded, Wominitee, which aims to bring women forward in business and social life. He loves to dance until the morning.

It is not long before Anastasia Psomiadi got acquainted with the cigar. Until recently, while he had no close relationship with any tobacco product - which was particularly distant to cigarettes - in a safari, a corona vitola of Cohiba was offered by a female friend, and from then on, the doors of the cigar world are opened for Anastasia. After returning from safari, he completes his cigars with accessories and at the same time begins to read as many sources as he can find.


After her passion for cigars has begun, looking for ways to highlight women just like in other matters, Anastasia establishes the Sisters of Leaf Greece Cigar Club. One of the reasons he founded the club is to overcome personal negativity while smoking cigars as a woman. "When I started smoking cigars, I had a lot of people talking behind my back, just because I was a woman. Whenever I tried to light a cigar, I was even the subject of a wave, from its cut to its collar. one of the reasons I set it up, "explained Anastasia.

Since I asked what really attracted you to the cigar, "When I first smoked, I realized that the cigar had a place in my life, it impressed me very much. The power to bring people together, the relaxation it offers like meditation is invaluable for me." Anastasia smokes about 20 cigars a month and sometimes 3 smokes a day. He believes that the times he thought he was most creative were while smoking cigars. He especially loves to smoke - something I hadn't even thought of - while driving. Partagas Salomones and Trinidad la Trova cigars are among the indispensable ones. According to his time, Hoyo de Monterey Double Corona or Diplomaticos Ammunition are cigars he likes to smoke.


When I ask if it is Habanos or New World cigars, there comes an answer I never guessed: "When I started smoking, I thought that all cigars were somehow Habanos. When I learned that there are cigars of different origins, I stopped smoking Habanos for a while and I was just getting to know the New World cigars and I was different. I gave it to catch the aromas. Then I went back to mainly smoking Habanos but still I never say no to the other cigars. " says.


I would like him to talk a little bit about Sisters of the Leaf Greece. “First of all, one of the club's founding goals is to break stereotypes about women's relationships with cigars. Of course, then, according to the common point of cigars, we have both men and women - and we have quite a lot of male members - to bring together different types of people and each from their life experience. it would be social, it would be economical, to enable others to benefit and enjoy life together. " as sums up.


Last year, Habanos, his club, gave permission for the Greek launch of the new Partagas Linea Maduro. The club also gave a stylish invitation to Habanos' President and Vice President.


Apart from club organizations, Anastasia also likes to travel cigar-related whenever she finds time. Last year, he participated in Habanos World Challenge in Southern Cyprus. "I was happy all night like a child, I never lost a smile on my face. I tried to talk to everyone and learn something all night." He explains in the form.

Finally, I ask Anastasia how women can participate in the world of cigars. "Actually, they don't need a separate place. If men can look a little warmer and normal, that women can smoke cigars too, both parties can enjoy smoking in harmony. They can start this with women in their family who are interested in cigars." replies in the form.

I thank Anastiasa for his time.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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