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Everything Changed On My One Birthday

Not every SOTL is a cigar lover by working in the cigar industry. On the internet and social media channels, there is also a SOTL that shares their cigar passion, meets the new SOTL, meets and even establishes clubs. Elif Hanım (insta: air_elif) is also a SOTL who shares her fondness for cigars especially on her instgram account. Thanks, he didn't offend me and agreed to spend time for the next interview in the SOTL series.

Elif Hanım lives in Germany and works in the quality control department of a company. Enjoying sports and reading books, Elif Hanım also likes to create new recipes by doing experiments in the kitchen.

He met with the cigar and the aftermath happened on a birthday. Everything for Elif Hanım, who was a smoker until her birthday 4-5 years ago, changed after a cigar offered as a gift. Since then, he has not even put a cigarette in his mouth. Luckily, thanks to a close friend who runs a cigar lounge, he created and developed his own taste buds by experimenting with a variety of cigars. Disappearing in the different aroma of each cigar, he began to enjoy the inner peace of the cigar.

He says that he mostly smokes on his own and sometimes with his friends, adding that he occasionally visits cigar lounges. However, it does not go without stating that women are still in a very minority.

She says that she is used to smoking cigars and she has a lot of ideas about cigars and their culture, women or men, Ms. Elif and "Sharing what I know about cigars is as enjoyable as smoking cigars. Thanks to cigars, I met many interesting people, cigars. "We exchanged and I haven't tried many cigars that I don't know but love, and they took their place in my humidum," he adds.


Elif Hanım's favorite vitola is Robusto, who prefers to smoke her cigar on holidays, alone on the terrace in beautiful weather on weekends or together while hosting her friends, and depending on the season and the temperature of the weather, she smokes 3-4 cigars a week. "I try to try new cigars as much as possible. I also listen to the advice of my friends. The quality of Cuban cigars has not deceived me lately. Maybe because I have always bought the cigars that I know and carefully select the cigars to sell. Even though Cuba is different, they are also very good among the new world cigars. and I have loved ones. I like being able to taste new aromas, ”he says.


Elif Hanım states that she is especially excited to discover the different and different flavors of cigars in the world of cigars. At the same time, he sees the cigar as a passion and points out that the moment you first light the cigar, all the stress, hustle and chaos of the day is left behind. That's why he talks about smoking cigars as a necessity rather than a style. "And if you smoke the right vitola cigars, you can extend this relaxing time as much as possible," he continues.

He says that he obtained his information about cigars online and from Smokers Club magazine and he also followed the El Lector Blog. He also stated that he tried to participate in cigar organizations as much as possible and that he had already booked his place for Habanos Day in October.

Finally, I ask about women's place in the cigar world. "It's a very good question. I believe that the world of cigars will grow with the exchange of information. Neither men dominate women, nor women dominate men, there is a platform where both men are equal at a certain level. In a cigar world dominated by men, a woman smoking cigars. I believe she has to act like a lady and that women don't need to be exposed to different sides, ”she replies and shares the hashtag #idonthavetobenakedtoshowmyash (I don't need to be naked to show my ash).

Once again, I would like to thank Elif Hanım for sparing her time.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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