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Oh what should I buy this Christmas?

Here again, we are approaching the end of a year and the beginning of a new year with the hope that it will be good for all of us ...

I guess I don't need to list the reasons why this time of the year is so popular ... but to mention one of the most important, of course, this is the opportunity to test everyone's gift-wrapping capacity and the beautiful gifts they come up with.

As a cigar lover, it is our preference to buy gifts related to cigar and cigar culture. However, when you look back and think, the gift options that people can buy you based on the gifts are getting less and less. A lighter last year, a cutter before that, a scissors for a change before, and even a humidor earlier. Although there are not many accessories, it is not sincere that there is no accessory inflation when you include it in your own purchases.

That's why I wanted to list a few gifts that cigar lovers can buy for each other other than accessories. Some of these products, which are related to smoking cigars, are more humorous gifts. Although I try to choose the ones that could be supplied within the borders of the derecedetürki as possible, even in our difficult condition where the cigars properly, supplements also chose a few gifts from abroad to oblige. That's why I'm sharing the list a little early, considering the order times.

1. Those who follow my Instagram account have definitely seen this gift. A pair of cufflinks that will complement your elegance and make you a cigar lover.

2. Empty cigar bands that I mentioned in my previous articles. Heartfelt Ind . and you can order from Online Labels.

3. The more we know about the work we do, the better we can do it. Since this also applies to smoking cigars, I have selected books below that you can obtain from different suppliers. The links will take you directly to the pages of the book.

Cgars Ltd. - A London based cigar shop. It ships internationally.

İdefix - One of the rare Turkish cigar books you can find in the market - PURO

Amazon - There are quite a few books you can find here. I think there is no need to give more information about Amazon. :)

4. Cigar chocolate: Again, it is an option that I mentioned in one of my previous articles, which was gifted to me and makes me very happy. You can find it on Eataly.

5. Cigar-themed canvas paintings that will decorate the rooms, offices or lounges of your cigar-lover friends.

6. A cigar pillow that can support your waist and back or use only for decoration. Of course, I do not recommend you burn it like in the picture.

7. A cigar pen that can decorate your desk, even if you do not use it often or carry it with you all the time.

I hope the options will make your shopping a little easier this year. We wish you all a nice New Year and New Year for the first time.

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