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The tree makes the difference ...

Whether those who have a humidor in their homes, those who have seen their friends, or those who enter any walk-in humidors, they have definitely noticed the cedar shelves and the smell of cedar. So why is cedar used in humidor? First of all, it is useful to remind that the effect of the material used on the aging of your cigar is quite high.

There are two main reasons why cedar and especially Spanish cedar are used. The first of these is that this wood can absorb moisture quite a lot and accordingly, it can balance the humidity inside the humidor comfortably. Another one is its ability to keep away tobacco bugs, which are the nightmare of all of us, thanks to its scent. Well, does not this smell spoil the specific smells of cigars? Most aficionados like cedar's unique fragrance in contrast, preferring it to blend into their cigars. This cedar fragrance is the only accepted scent that affects cigars from the outside, which is believed to not spoil the flavor of the cigar, or even to enrich it.

A second type of cedar used as an alternative to Spanish cedar is American red cedar. Although this tree is resistant and defensive against insects such as Spanish cedar, its ability to absorb moisture remains limited. But they can still be a good alternative to Spanish cedar in terms of price.

A third used tree is mahogany, although it is rare. It is the best alternative to Spanish cedar because of its ability to absorb moisture, like Spanish cedar, and its almost odorless nature. However, it is very vulnerable to insects, making it rarely used.

My advice is to always protect your investment in your cigars with the best. Here, too, the first and best alternative will always be Spanish cedar. Of course if you prefer a wooden humidor.

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