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For Churchill's sake!

I waited and waited… just like you, I waited for the top 25 cigars of 2014 for both Cigar Journal and Cigar Aficionado, just like you do at the end of each year. As a result, Cigar Journal recently completed the lists of Cigar Journal, and then stage by stage Cigar Aficionado, and they brought them to the eyes of cigar lovers. So I took the lists and subjected them to a short analysis.

There are a few details that catch the first sight in the comparison:

  • The cigars on the two lists, except one, have different vitolas, even if the brands are the same. Rocky Patel Royale Toro was the only one chosen for the same. Interestingly enough, for a reason I don't understand, the places where the leaves grow differ too.

  • Although the quality of Cuban cigars seems indisputable, other country cigars are now highly preferred. While there are only 5 Cuban cigars in total on the two lists, Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic cigars dominate the list.

  • Leaves grown in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic are popular, by a considerable difference, as both wrapping, binding, and fill leaves. Nicaragua even got ahead of Dominik in this regard. My guess looks like Nicaragua will dethrone Cuba.

The above are obvious, incontestable points. Apart from these, I noticed that too much blend is not used, especially in the filler leaves. Filler leaves used in blended form in both lists are around 30%. Apparently, Ligadors, which determine the aroma, are quite satisfied with the aroma and taste created by the leaves coming from one place. Here, too, the rate of leaves coming from Nicaragua is at the top of the list, with a rate of 40%. In both lists, leaves from the Dominican Republic occupy the 3rd position behind those blended from different countries with 20%.

By the way, although there is a certain concentration in the distribution of the fill leaves, we see that this distribution is more equal on the basis of the country in both lists. In fact, on the cigars listed by both Cigar Journal and Cigar Aficionado, Nicaraguan and Ecuador wrap sheets were used 7 times, which corresponds to 30%. This is again an indication that Nicaragua is playing the throne of Ecuador, which comes to mind as one of the first choices in dressing.

When we compare it as Vitola, it is difficult to say that any particular vitola appears in both lists. It is possible to find one that addresses every preference in the ranking.

As a result, you still prefer cigar lover. There is no rule that the pleasure you will get from your smoking cigar will always be directly proportional to the scoring here, on the contrary, you can create your own top 25 list and something very different may come out.

However, there is something that both lists reveal that Nicaragua is very popular in cigar production and leaf quality this year and I think it will continue to increase from now on. Otherwise, for example, Davidoff would not have released a series called Nicaragua.

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