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9. Puro Sabor Begins!



Unfortunately, 2020 has been a very annoying year for cigar festivals as well as other festivals and fairs due to the pandemic, and even continues to be.


Until the pandemic , online platforms and meeting applications used only by a certain segment were suddenly used by everyone from all age groups. This both brought everyone a little closer but also expanded the distance. If we look at it positively, we came face to face online with many people we could not come face to face physically, including the pioneers of the cigar industry and brand owners, we had the opportunity to watch them live and ask questions, and we continue to catch them.


In an environment where the festivals are canceled this year, Puro Sabor is preparing to open its doors online for the 9th time to cigar lovers on 15th March, in cooperation with Light'em Up Lounge and by using the blessings of technology. Light'em Up is a live broadcast platform from Reinhard Pohorec that has conducted interviews with industry leaders since March 2020. I am sure that Reinhard, who has been a great success since last year, will also be very successful with Puro Sabor publications.


Tastings, panel discussions and various organizations will be held during the festival and participation will be free of charge. You can register to Puro Sabor at


Yes, maybe those who are planning to go this year are disappointed, but be sure they will not, and the number of people who will be happy by participating online will be much more. An opportunity not to be missed.


Enjoyable smoking ....


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