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Cigar Sabor 2020


If you remember, the Nicaragua Cigar Festival, Cigar Sabor , was canceled last year due to the political events in Nicaragua and the internal turmoil that arose. This year, Puro Sabor is returning to be held between 22-25 January.

In 2018, the protests and other disturbances caused by President Ortega's law on revising social assistance, especially for retirees, dealt a huge blow to both the country's own people, its economy, and foreign tourists. It was in a situation where inflation soared and poverty increased.

Although the conditions were not much better than in 2018, after the events settled, the cigar factories in the country continued their touristic factory sightseeing tours. In general, the cigar industry was one of the least affected sectors, as it mainly produced for export.

Puro Sabor festival, which will start in Grana again this year, shifts to Esteli on the second and third days, and factory and field tours begin there. There will be a gala dinner on the last day of the program, and returns will begin the next day.

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