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Stains On My Pu?

You just bought a new box of cigars and came home impatiently. You have a gut before you open the box ... you finally opened the box and what is that? Your cigar has strange stains on it. Are these mold or a different defect in the leaf? Fortunately, most of these stains are neither harmful to your cigar nor to your smoking pleasure. Unfortunately, even in newly opened boxes, there may be stains of different colors on the wrapping sheet that do not appeal to your visual taste. Let's see what exactly these blemishes mean and do they pose a threat to you?

Yeşil Leke

Green Spots: These green spots, which can be ripples, moire, and resemble birthmarks in humans, are not mold spots, contrary to popular belief. I have not yet read that green stains, which are caused by the fact that the chlorophyll inside the leaves dried faster than normal at high temperature and low humidity, is not fully broken, has any negative effect on smoking. This is nothing more than a fluctuation in colors only.

Yellow Stains: During the drying process, the wrapping leaves, which are caused by insufficient humidity and are actually exposed to this situation, which are considered defects, should not be used in the winding phase. Another reason is that the moisture remaining on the leaves in the form of drops during the drying phase creates such stains. Unfortunately, some companies can bypass this situation in order to meet the increasing demand.

Black Spots: These stains, unlike yellow spots, are caused by excess moisture during the drying phase. Due to the fact that the sugar in the leaf cannot be broken completely, these pigments, which are originally light in color, then take on the black color. While this creates the feeling that the cigar needs to be aged a little more during smoking, it can sometimes create a scratching feeling in the throat.

White Spots: The white spots that appear close to the veins on the winding leaf are a sign that they were affected by the notorious blue mold disease while they were in the soil before the leaves were picked up. They do not cause any adverse effects during the production of cigar, but normally, leaves exposed to blue mold and deformed are not taken into production, others can be used and no negative effects on smoking have been detected.

As we can see, although the stains do not affect smoking much, they can interfere with the taste of cigars, which also appeal to our visual senses, for different reasons depending on their colors. As you know, the fly is also small, but it makes you nauseous.

Enjoyable smoking ...

Sarı Leke
Beyaz Lekeler
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