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Rising Value Nicaragua

With its increasing popularity day by day, Nicaraguan tobacco and cigars made from this tobacco gradually become the main preferences of cigar aficionados, including me. We can easily understand this both from the first places they received in the evaluations and from the Nicaraguan serial cigars produced by different brands using this tobacco. The number of Nicaraguan cigars was also quite high in the top 25 cigars of 2014 , which I did a little analysis of.

Unfortunately, both political events and natural disasters have repeatedly prevented the quality, aromatic tobacco grown in the country's Esteli and Jalapa Valley from getting where it deserves. Nicaragua is considered the second best country for Cuban seeds to be grown outside of Cuba. For this reason, most of the tobacco is grown using seeds smuggled from Cuba. Habana 2000 Corojo Hybrid seed is an example.

The soft air structure, sandy soil of Jalapa Valley ensures that the tobacco grown has a softer but intense and sweet aroma compared to other regions. The best wrapping leaves with its shiny and elastic structure grow in this region.

Esteli 's hot, humid air and denser soil structure make the tobacco grown more spicy and hard. The tobacco here is mostly used for wrapping and binding leaves.

Finally, there is Condega region tobacco, which grows tobacco in the middle of the above two regions in terms of both hardness and aroma, and this tobacco is also used more as filling and binding tobacco.

Nicaragua stands out as the only country that is shown as the only example for Cuba, as both the same quality filling and binding leaves can be grown in addition to the quality wrapping leaves in the country. However, we must forget that Nicaraguan tobacco is a very hard tobacco. Hence, it is perfect for those who love tough cigars. Other country brands that want to make the blend a little hard usually use this leaf in either filling or wrapping.

While Nicaraguan cigars can be really heavy at times, cigars with Nicaraguan tobacco in their blend can leave a pleasant taste. It is a type that I can definitely recommend as a flavor, I would definitely try it.

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