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Who's taller?

The title shouldn't make you think wrong, but that's really the question: Who's longer? To add a little more content, who has longer smoking cigars? I am not asking this question; The referees at the World Cigar Smoking Championship evaluate you on this criterion. Drinking the given Monte Cristo No.4 in the longest time without breaking the rules is the winner of the championship.

Organized by Cigar Club Mareva for the first time in 2010 with 17 participants from 7 different countries and ended with Croatia's Toni Stoilov's first place with 78 minutes of smoking, it is now a tradition where qualifying rounds and finals are held in different countries and different cities. The qualifying rounds of the championship, which will be finalized in Split, Croatia in September this year, started in Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia and even halved.

The championship is an organization organized to develop and reinforce the cigar culture, lifestyle and friendship, rather than just smoking cigars. The best example of this is that the championship final in its third year was organized and served on the terrace where Winston Churchill and Marshall Tito, both a cigar aficionado, were sitting together and smoking cigars, serving the same menu at that time.

The world record now belongs to Russian Igor Korvin with 108 minutes 38 seconds. If you are also confident, I think you should start smoking training for the 2015 championship right now.

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