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The Chinese are coming ..!

I guess that our first encounter with China and the Chinese as a child was the result of the knowledge that they had to build a huge structure like the Great Wall due to long years of wars with the Hun State, one of the first Turkish states. Of course, we could not have predicted from those times that they would be able to dominate the world economy and be this much into our lives from their banks to what they produce. Fortunately, this is another matter ...

Although Chinese and Chinese culture have remained more disconnected from world culture for many years due to their communism, they are very popular today due to their power. So much so that Davidoff has been producing a Limited Edition cigar series for the Chinese New Year since 2012. It also complements it with accessories such as lighters and ashtrays.

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is celebrated every year at the end of January and the beginning of February and lasts two weeks. According to the years calculated according to the Lunar (Moon-Sun) calendar and consisting of 12 animal names, we will be leaving the year of Horse in February 2015 and entering the year of Sheep / Goat / Aries. Interestingly, almost all sources mention all three animals. Davidoff found it appropriate to choose the sheep.

Continuing the tradition I mentioned above, Davidoff is also launching the Year of the Sheep Special Series cigar this time. 6.25inch (15.8cm) and 54 rings thick, this product will be produced in Belicoso vitola and will be limited to 3000 boxes. Cigars priced at USD35 .- (about 80 lira) per piece will be sold in boxes of 8 and the box price will be USD 280 .- (about 650 lira). This cigar, with a banana leaf Ecuador Habano, a Dominican Yamasa with binding leaves and a Dominican filling, is classified as a medium bodied by Davidoff.

Its first presentation was already on November 8 at Davidoff's tavern in the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel. This will be followed by a second presentation in mid-November at its store in Madison Avenue, New York, and the product will be widely available on the shelves in December.

From this date on, I would say look to get a box wherever and however, because I am sure it will be exhausted in a short time like the limited productions in the past years.

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