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Habanos Room Opened

Those who follow the el Lector Blog will remember; Before the summer, a Cuban Night was organized under the auspices of the Cuban Embassy, ​​sponsored by Audemar Piguet. It even coincided with the Habanos Festival time, and the night was also mentioned at the Habanos Festival. Another organizer of this night was the Habanos Room Cigar Club, which is still in its establishment phase. At that time, we did not know much yet, but today Habanos Room , which I also love to support, has opened its doors.

Habanos Room will not only be Habanos, but also a club related to Cuba that highlights travel, lifestyle and organizations. I am sure that we will hear a lot about Habanos Room, which was established within Momentum Cuba and positioned itself as an international cigar club, and of course I will continue to share them with you as much as possible.

I would say you should definitely go in and take a look.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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