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2020 Habanos Festival Innovations


We left another Habanos Festival behind us and once again we have been gifted with a list of cigars, which will decorate the shelves of the cigar stores around the world, or at least some of them. So, which ones should we expect this year from Habanos?

Celebrating the 135th anniversary of the brand, Romeo y Julieta'nın receives a new serie called Linea de Oro. The vitolas will be, Dianas 145mm x 52, Hidalgos 125mm x 57 and Nobles 135mm x 56.

Montecristo celebrating its 85th anniversary will be getting a LCDH special cigar with the dimensions 162mm x 47 called Herederos.

To celebrate the LCDH's anniversary and Juan Lopez's anniversary at the same there will be a 169mm x 52 Juan Lopez coming to LCDHs under the name Seleccion Especial.

Every year we are used to seeing 3 different Edicion Limitadas but so far, for this year the only one coming out will be one from Partagas in the size of 157mm x 48 called Legado.

Bolivar Reserva Cosecha 2016 Belicoso Fino will be the Reserva that cigar lovers will be chasing.

And this year's Coleccion Habanos will be H.Upmann Super Magnum with a size of 180mm x 56. The cigar will be in a 20-count box and be limited to 3000 boxes.

Long ashes...

RyJ Linea de Oro
Partagas EL2020
Bolivar Reserva
RyJ Linea de Oro
Montecristo LCDH
Juan Lopez Seleccion Especial
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