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Cigar Sense Queen - Franca Comparetto

We are opening the Sister of the Leaf (SOTL) interview series with Franca Comparetto, one of the creators of Cigar Sense , whom many cigar manufacturers also consult during the production phase of their new cigars. Our meeting with Franca is based on about 2 years ago. Franca, whom I came across to Cigar Sense's website and contacted to understand it a little more, was more helpful than my guess, both on the website and on cigars in general. Later, we also had different studies on the site. Over the years, I have realized that Franca, who is of Italian origin and has been living in America since 2013, is a woman who devoted more and more to cigars than most men. Franca, who had an activist side in the remnant of Cigar Sense, most recently stopped selling live lobsters and removed all aquariums in the Save Mart supermarket chain.

Franca started her cigar with the first Romeo y Julieta Churchill, which she smoked about 15 years ago. The joy of the cigar made him a member of the Cigar Motiva Cigar Club in Turin, both to understand the cigar better and to enjoy the social side of the business. Confirming that women who smoke cigars are still in the minority, Franca underlines that especially some women have a greater sensitivity to aroma than men.

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When I asked Franca about an interesting memory she could remember about cigars as a woman, she described an incident she had in a shop in San Jose: 'I went into a shop to buy cigars and asked for a can of Opus X. The seller replied interestingly, "We're sending them back." When I asked again, I got the same answer again. Afterwards, I realized that he thought I wanted the empty Opus X box and was trying to say that he sent the empty boxes back without holding them. ' Even this story is a clear indication that, in fact, the women who still smoke cigars are viewed in an unorthodox way abroad.

“In this way, I can give more importance to the cigar, its flavor and aroma,” says Franca, who usually smokes his cigar at the beginning of the meal these days. Of course, I smoke with my friends indoors and outdoors for pleasure. But then I focus more on the surroundings and the subject than on the cigar itself.

Franca, who smokes about 15 cigars a month, says, "There are so many things to discover about cigars every day that discovering the flavors and aromas of the same wine and whiskey is one of the main factors that make the cigar attractive. I appreciate it and I like it. "


" Cigar Journal , mainly, cigar on, I'm all kinds of trying to follow magazine. Women as a cigar fasteners, the Cigar Journal, I believe it shows more respect to women. Unfortunately, most of the other magazines, women, outside sexy cigar ads they themselves can not find many places . " says Franca.

Talking about his cigar habits, he says that he likes vitolas with small and medium ring thicknesses like Corona and Lonsdale, and he smokes 56 and above vitolas for tasting purposes only. He says that when choosing on tastes and aromas, the taste and aroma profiles may change over time and the better we can understand this, the more open to new brand and vitola cigars. He tells about what the people who know what he likes, what options they have in front of them, and they created Cigar Sense with the aim of showing them.

Franca tries to participate in InterTabak and IPCPR fairs every year, both for Cigar Sense and for himself. Apart from that, she organizes tasting panels at Puro Motivo and Ohlone Cigar Lounge, of which she is still a member. It is also trying to increase the rate of women in these organizations, where the female participants are 5-10%. In general, Franca mentions that women have an increasing visibility and influence in the sector, and gives examples of Ria Bos's recognition of cigar wrapping as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands and Maya Selva's production success in Honduras. "The more luxury and unattainable consumption cigars are associated with, the more women will be used as a sex object. As we accept smoking cigars as normal, I think the above examples will both increase and become more visible. This is somewhat in the hands of us women. ", he adds.

Before I finish the interview, as someone who understands cigars so well, I ask him about the difference in quality between the Cuban and New World cigars and his preference between the two. He speaks of his great respect for those who had to flee Cuba and start production in different countries and adds that quality cigars are produced in many countries today. She states that she understands very well the people whose homes and fields have been confiscated, because during World War II, her grandfather's house was also seized in Italy. He reminds that many different points affect the quality of a cigar, from the sowing of the seed to the picking of the leaves, from the quality of the soil to the winding of the cigar. "Cuba's old-fashioned methods still continue to be used in production in different countries today. That's why quality cigars can come from anywhere. At this point, the choice is now up to the taste of the consumer." After saying, we put an end to the interview.

I thank him once again for the reportage, I hope you enjoyed it too.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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