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Today I want to talk a little bit about Culebrae, which are probably the most interestingly shaped cigars, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that Culebra has its own shape and the second is that it has two very interesting stories. Who would think why and how would they manufacture such a cigar? I'll tell you about it in a moment.

Let me first talk about the structure of Culebra. As you can easily see from the pictures, this vitola is a type of cigar that is formed by knitting three Panatelas to each other when the cigars are still wet, and tying both ends with ribbons. So how do you smoke this quirky shaped cigar? Contrary to popular belief, each Panatela is drunk alone. So you get three cigars out of one cigar. Whether you drink it all or share it with those with you when you go to play golf, that much is up to you.

Here are two of the rumors about how Culebra came about:

According to the first legend, Tocedors who used to work in factories had the right to take three cigars every day from the factory to the house. Eventually, these three cigars a day were not enough for the friends, and they found the Culebras as a remedy. Making three of the Culebras, which were knitted together and counted as a cigar, began to delight them immensely.

According to the second and the opposite rumor, the cunning of the factory owner stands out. This time, the Torcedors start selling them on the street, as they cannot drink all of their daily rations from the factory. As the prices become cheaper than the real prices of cigars, the sales of the factories decrease. The factory owners then thought that no one would buy such shapeless and distorted-looking cigars, let the Torcedors take out their rations on the condition that they only knit three cigars together, and Culebra was born.

In fact, no matter which one you believe, both are interesting stories that you can share with your friends while smoking cigars.

So, is there any advantage to drinking Culebra? What is the reason for drinking it? I haven't seen a significant advantage, but don't you think it's just a reason to try the interesting shape once? By the way, since it is a difficult cigar to wrap, it is useful to remind that only very experienced Torcedors are wrapped and rarely produced.

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