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Cigar Trophy Nominees


The Cigar Trophy Awards were created by Cigar Journal Magazine in 1998 as a token of appreciation for the cigars we smoke, the accessories we use to prepare our cigars for smoking, and the lounges where we enjoy our cigars, and still remains the only award given by the end user.

​ ​

The Consumer Awards categories are as follows:

Top Brand

Best Cigar

Best Value Cigar

Best Boutique Cigar Brand

Best Boutique Cigar

Best Accessory

Best Cigar Lounge

​ ​

The first phase of the award process begins with consumers nominating categories between May 15 and June 18.

​ ​

Afterwards, consumers will vote for the best five in each category between June 3-16 and prizes will be found at the inter tabac.


You can add your nominees for the Cigar Trophies to the list on the dedicated site created.​​

Happy smoking...

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