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Boisdale 2018's Cigar Smoke Awards Night


The Cigar Smoker of the Year Awards, created by Boisdale in-house last week and held for the sixth time this year, took place on Monday.

The night, which is held every year with many participants like me, who have devoted themselves to cigars, as well as the leaders of the cigar, whiskey and wine sectors from different countries, especially London, is truly a cigar festival with the participation of celebrities. This year, I had the opportunity to attend the night, where Vina Carmen wines and Glenrothes whiskeys were also among the sponsors. T his year the night, you'll remember from Sex and The City, Chris Noth, Jeremy Irons and Fraiser plays the character I watched my very fondly, Kelsey Grammer was among the celebrities who attended.

The night started with the cocktail Davidoff Churchill Late Hour, Joya De Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco, AVO XO, El Rey Del Mundo smoked on the heated terrace. In the cocktail, I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Daniel Marshall, who is known especially for his humidor. I have to say that he is a very friendly and pleasant conversation person.

Cigar Smoker of the Year
Cigar Smoker Booklet
Daniel Mashall

I smoked the AVO XO, which I thought would be more appropriate before dinner. With his light structure, he made him pass the cocktail on an empty stomach, accompanied by champagne. Since the meal was inside, we left the cigars in their own way and headed towards our tables. Among the wines distributed at dinner, I tried Cigar Box Malbec 2017 wine from Argentina for the first time. Without being under the influence of its name, I can really say that it is a wine that can be drunk easily with bodied cigars. During the dinner, we had the opportunity to listen to one of the successful names of jazz music, Rebecca Ferguson.

Towards the end of the meal, prizes began to be distributed. Awards were given in 7 categories in total. The categories and winners were as follows:

1. Cigar Venue of the Year - The Arts Club

Retailer of the Year 2 - JJ Fox

3. Montegrappa Cigar Author of the Year - Tobias Gorn

4th Cue of the Year - Davidoff Churchill Late Hour

5. Manufacturer of the Year - Joya De Nicaragua

6th Boisdale Lifetime Achievement Award - Jeremy Irons

7th Vina Carmen Smokehouse of the Year - Chris Noth

Ünlüler Masası
Rebecca Ferguson
Jeremy Irons
Chris Noth

After the awards were distributed and the meal was over, Glenrothes 12 y / o was handed out to accompany those who want to smoke on the terrace with their cigars, recently changing the entire product range, as well as the labeling. I can say that it was very enjoyable with the Churchill Late Hour, which I kept at the end of the night.

It was a very pleasant night from start to finish. I am sure that the nights that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Sheen participated in the past years were also very enjoyable. Who knows, maybe they will stop by again in the coming years.

Enjoyable smoking.

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