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Finally, I attended one of the qualifying rounds of the Cigar Smoking World Championship, which took place in Split after the qualifying rounds led by Club Mareva, which I wrote about for the first time last year. I think every cigar friend should definitely experience an organization. Once he has experienced it, he will surely look forward to the next time, due to the atmosphere he lives in and the smoke friendship he has acquired, just like I am right now.

Within the framework of integrity, you spend a fun weekend with activities that complement each other, including competition, from Friday to Sunday evening. While having such a good time, meeting new people, meeting new products and hearing news is a kind of bonus.

That's why I wanted to gather this experience in two different parts. In the first part, I will give information about what I experienced during the weekend, and in the second part, I will include new information and products I have met.

I hope you can enjoy my pleasure while reading ... come on, Big Alpine Smoke ...

Episode 1

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