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Inbetween the binder leaf...


We know that the cigar anatomically consists of 3 types of leaves. The filler leaves formed by blending are at the innermost, the wrap leaf, which can give the cigar its beauty and different aroma, is at the top and the bond leaf in the middle. Filled leaves are generally blended from 3-4 types of leaves. The wrap leaf is a single leaf as we know it. Vineyard leaf, on the other hand, is used as a single leaf except for a couple of cigars I have seen. But even though it doesn't make much talk about itself by staying in a creek, vine leaves are of great importance to our cigars.

Puro Yaprakları

The main task of the binder leaf is to wrap the filling leaves and hold them together while preparing a smooth ground for the winding of the wrapping leaf. Therefore, while wrapping the vine leaves, it is one of the important details to wrap the streaked lower part of the leaf so that the filling is on the leaf. Since they are not grown for specific purposes such as vine leaves, coils and fillings, in general, each leaf can be a vineyard leaf. Those that are grown for wrapping leaves that do not appeal to the eyes as desired are among the leaves that are decided to be used as vineyard leaves in this way. The leaves separated in this way are not subjected to extra fermentation like their other dressing friends.


There are a few features that are taken into consideration when choosing the wrapping leaves. While they are not expected to appeal to the eye, they are expected to have a certain elasticity in order to have a structure that facilitates flammability and that they do not tear while the filling leaves are wrapped.


For those looking at a well-wrapped, sparkling, sparkling, smooth cigar, but still think that the vine leaves are not so important, I recommend bringing Toscano-style cigars before their eyes. Because the rough and bumpy appearance of such cigars is due to the lack of a bond between the filling and the wrapping sheet. Being wrong is not because of my bad quality, I also enjoy smoking such cigars. However, I wanted to remind the vineyards in order not to be unfair.

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