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As last year, this year, el Lector Blog is holding a survey again for the New Year occasion. The end of 2015 survey was mostly about el Lector Blog site features and content. Unlike this year, the survey is about the smoking habits of blog followers. What is not different from last year is that the survey is also awarded this year.

Two winners will be determined this year from among those who filled out the questionnaire. One of the winners will be chosen from among the members of the Council, while the other will be chosen from among the followers who are not members. The non-member follower will receive a deck of game cards and hand Lector Key Notes booklet . The winner of the Divan will, in addition, earn a one-year free Cigar Sense membership.

You can participate in the survey until 31 December 2016 at 23:59 via the link below.

Don't forget to share an e-mail address where I can reach you to participate in the lottery. If you win, don't let your gift go.

Enjoyable smoking ...


Our survey has been concluded, thank you to all participants. You can view the raffle video from social media accounts.

The Winner of the Divan Lottery:

Blog Lottery Winner:

happened. Congratulations to both participants.

- Each person completing the questionnaire receives an equal right to the draw.
- The draw will be held in the first week of January 2017.
- The winners of the draw will be announced on the social media accounts of el Lector Blog and el Lector Blog before the end of January and the winners will be contacted by e-mail for the submission of the gifts.
- In case of failure to contact the first boilers, reserve winners will be determined.
- At the end of the draw, two winners will be determined, one among el Lector Court members and the other among non-members of the Court.
- As a result of the draw, the hand wins a deck of Lector Game Cards and hand Lector Key Notes leaflets that are not members of the Lector Divan.
- If a hand Lector Divan member wins as a result of the draw, the winner will receive a one-year free Cigar Sense membership, a bundle of Lector Game Cards and hand Lector Key Notes booklet.

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